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53kf.ca Live Chat/Life Support System/Software, North America Service Centre, Toll Free: 1 866 982 48888

53KF.ca, Designed For All Different Size/Type Of Businesses!

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Improve customer service, build loyalty and reduce service costs.

Small Business

53KF.ca helps small businesses make a big business impression. For websites with low-to-moderate traffic, our live chat deliver an affordable, easy-to-deploy online sales channel that also arms you with valuable real-time insights on visitor behavior. 53KF.ca helps small businesses improve customer service and satisfaction while deflecting time-consuming phone and email inquires. For companies with limited service agent resources, we offer a complete, cost-effective, multi-channel (live chat, knowledgebase, email) solution that makes it easy for your customers to contact you, and for you to keep track of their requests.

Midsize Business

Thousands of growing online businesses rely on 53KF.ca intelligent engagement solutions to drive greater conversions and qualified leads at a lower cost per acquisition than any other human-assisted channel. 53KF.ca hosted services model offers low cost of ownership and the flexibility to tailor the right solution to meet and adapt to the changing needs of midsize businesses. Designed to grow with growing service centers, 53KF.ca live chat solutions enable midsize businesses to strengthen customer relationships with maximum agent productivity. Real-time, intelligent engagement delivers greater first contact resolution rates, shorter wait times, and happier customers.

Enterprise Business

For high-traffic websites with sophisticated business requirements, 53KF.ca aligns people, process and technology to maximize incremental sales yield and orders/leads per labor hour. Hundreds of the world's most recognized brands have adopted 53KF.ca and increased online conversions at a lower cost per incremental order than any competing alternative. For high-volume contact centers, 53KF.ca offers a sophisticated, customizable proactive service channel designed to reduce the cost of handling targeted call and email queues at a lower cost per issue handled than any competing alternative. The alignment of people, process and technology increases the number of issues handled per labor hour and ensures the highest of customer satisfaction scores.
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